Lionel messi and his girlfriend Antonella rocuzzo in Rio de Janeiro



Fernando Torres and wife Olalla are expecting a new little one they already have a one year old daughter nora.Fernando hasnt had the best world cup and has had a lot of injury problems so i am happy he had a bit of good news.The couple were seen walking around the streets of  la Coruna in spain with family Olalla showing of her small baby bump in a green top and white jeans.



Manchester united player  brown has put his Cheshire mansion up for sale so if you’re looking for a house and want the likes of the Rooney’s as your neighbours oh and have an extra 4.5 million pounds lying around have a look.but i have to say the decor looks just a little bit on the tacky side

The kitchen it’s that shiny it would give you a headache.

The cinema with its two big naked statues god image trying to watch a film with them in front of you.

The living roomLooks nice from the outside.


How that the world cup is over I have missed watching my favorite footballers every day.So I thought i would do a bit of snooping to find out were some of them are: note to self I so need to go to Ibiza or Mallorca next year for my Holiday because that’s were they all seem to be.

Xabi Alonso chills out with his wife Nagore on a beach in Mallorca .have to say it doesn’t look to comfy were they are sitting but I suppose xabi makes up for almost anything.

Patrice evra the french captain is on Holiday on the island of sardina with wife Sandra after a disaster of world cup for france.he looked more happy as he tanned and busted out some dance moves with his iPod see photo below but at least his enjoying himself.

Pepe Reina the man who made my world cup that much more enjoyable with his drunken antics god I think every team needs a pepe I would pay him just to do DJ at my birthday. He decided to spend the day relaxing by playing golf in mallorca.

Gerard Pique who is Ibiza was being surrounded by female fans it’s not like he seemed to mind anyway pique choose to spend the day on a yacht and his friends cesc and puyol are going to join him in the next few days.(Oh and I couldn’t not say it what was he thinking with them red flower power shorts and take of your t shirt)

Wayne and Coleen have jetted of to viva las Vegas (sorry broke into song there)colleen looked amazing with toned body and glowing tan but not the same can be said about poor wayne who looks more like a milk bottle standing next to his wife we need to get him some tanning oil proto.

God makes me want to book a flight to Ibiza.


Barca captain carles ‘curly’puyol is not happy about the way arsenal are treating his little buddy cesc.(god is this saga ever going to end) anyway curly has said that arsenal need to respect cescy and let him move back to Barca because that what he wants.puyol went on to say that cesc is the future of Barcelona and there was nothing they(arsenal) could do to stop that . we all know Wenger going to have something to say about that one.wenger in a press conference said that he is getting very annoyed about the constant speculation about his star man he said cesc has five more years left on his contract and he is not going anywhere. we all no this is not the end of this argument im sure there is much more two come.



Alex Curran(Steven Gerrard wife)

Its shows no matter how much money you have even wags have fashion disasters like alex in the photo above who almost never get’s it wrong but this time she really did.sumone must have forgotten to tell alex there was no ski resorts in liverpool bless.

Elen rives(ex fiance of frank lampard)

God where do I start with this women she has really bad fashion sense I don’t no if she owns a mirror or not but that’s no excuse for very bad fashion mistakes that she makes all the time it hurts my eyes to look at what she wears sometimes for example this

Olalla Torres(Fernando Torres wife)

words fail me about this outfit god just look at those shoes.but its not the worst more to come keep on reading

Colleen Rooney(wayne Rooney’s wife)Coleen colleen you look like a lobster in this photo lay of the sunbeds.

And i will leave the best till last prepare yourselfs people

Yulia voronin(Andriy voronin wife)God this photo gave me a headache what was she thinking but the same goes for him he looks just as bad I can say i never see a leopard trackie like this before where did she get it from the 80’s.