Barca round up news

Ok where do I start

Barca will begin their first match of the season in Santander when they visit the el sardinero to play racing on august the 28th or 29th it hasn’t been set yet.The one were all waiting for Barca vs real Madrid pep and his boys will face los blanco on the 28th november at the nou camp and then travel to Madrid on the 17th of april in the bernabeu.

So Barca have already started pre season training with some players the ones not back from holidays wish they would hurry up and come back.But that wont happen Because Pique is partying in Pacha.

Bobo (ah i missed him all summer and ibra dont they look good in pink…..

Milto and new signing Adriano these two seem to be bff already.

So now its time to hear from senor pep.Heres a few questions he was asked in his press conference today.

Speaking of Madrid and their new coach Jose mourinho. Pep laughed and said that his portuguese counterpart as”one of the best coaches in the world”(We all know who he thinks is numero uno don’t we)God I cant wait for these two this season and there sideline antics because I say its going to be very funny.

Asked whether villa’s arrival would he make playing time for bojan:He played down the possibility”I have not been able to talk to him yet,but i am ecstatic that he has chosen to continue here.I hope to give him the minutes he deserves.(He better I don’t want to see my little bojan becoming a bench warmer)

When he was asked about Andres iniesta world cup winning goal.Guardiola said the fact that the goal of the world cup came to a person as humble and nice as him is something fantastic(couldn’t agree more with ye pep)

On the Possible incorporation of cesc.Pep acknowledged the difficulty of bringing the young midfielder to the nou camp but hopes the gunners will part with him(Cant see that happening anytime soon)


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