Guti on his Holiday with his newest squeeze noelia Lopez even though guti keeps telling every one that he is single So I don’t no what homeboy is playing at i wonder does she no he’s single eh.Anyway guti doesn’t look like he will be a real Madrid man for much longer according to there is already a deal in place for guti to join turkish side besiktas on a two-year deal worth three million euros. guti who has been with Madrid for more than a decade said he wants to experience another club before he retires.I have to say it will be sad if he does decide to leave Madrid over the years he has brought the most awful fashion choices and just as bad haircuts to Madrid but I still love his weird style they have kept me entertained.



2 responses to “GUTI LEAVING MADRID

  1. I agree i loove u guti and ur great fashion style lol pleeeease stay is that his new girlfriend he could do a lot better but with his track record i give it a few more weeks

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