Xavi Hernandez interview with catalan el sport God I love him even more now didn’t think that was possible. He is so down to earth and a great sense of humor oh ye and one of the best footballers of all time.

Q1-Where did you learn to play the way you do?

Quite simply,the joy of playing football is all about give and take.my game is dependent my teamates.Im no one if nobody passes the ball to me.without the lads my football makes no sense.But luckly for me I do play with the best and that’s how my game takes shape that’s how im the player I am.

Q2-Whats the most ridiculous thing said about you in the press?

Nothing that i take to heart,They once said that i was gay they said how Barca were getting with the times by seeking a gay football player!!! I lauged alot You can’t let things said in the press bother you because if you do you will drive yourself insane.

Q3-Where did you learn to play the football the way you do?

At  barca….They told me that if I wanted to play in midfield I wasnt allowed to lose the ball and since im a responsable bloke(laughs)I just learned how to keep it.

Q4-You weren’t the best as a youngster,though were you?

No there were some that came true the La Masia with me like Mario rosas(who now plays in the third division was the really talented one.He was the best of my generation along with ivan de pena..No i take back he was better than ivan.Mario is the best player ive ever seen play at youth level.He came up with us but he didn’t stay at Barca it’s not easy you know ive been lucky and when I think of him im more convinced of how lucky i am.Hes playing with castellon now and he’s made a living that way,but he ought to be here with us football isn’t easy that way.(ah that almost brought a tear to my eye)

Q5-In your case women complained about the pace of the life you lead?

My ex complained a lot about my profession because it would take up all my time.She didnt understand after a  match I would just want to go home and watch the match again on t.v instead of going out.Im a bit football crazy So I am unmarried and without any obligation’s ( It’s the best way to be Xavi haha)

Q6-Pep shouts at the team alot doesn’t he?

No he’s never yelled at me really well (laughs)during matches he shouts a lot at me because his warning me to say that im out of position he is just being a good coach.Pep and I see football through the same eyes.were on the same wavelength so it’s all good.

Q7-Are you superstitious?

Not really well i usually use the same boots if ive scored a goal with them,im a little superstitious that way other than that nothing too weird.

Q8-Whos your biggest footballing hero?

Well when i was younger there was Maradona,then Schuster and then the one who really made an impact on me was pep.

Q9-What is your life motto?

You never know what will happen.so live and let live try not to take life for granted and stay humble.(well said xavi)


4 responses to “XAVI HERNANDEZ

  1. Xavi is the best player I have ever known.The way he passes the ball and takes in the ball possession shows a lot.Xavi has showed that football(soccer) is a game that is played with teamwork,dedication and friendship.

    • There is no way he is going to man city. I say Xavi will end his career with barca. Barcelona will never let Xavi go he is the heart of the midfield

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