As we all know Sara Carbonero is a very beautiful girl and she seems to have good taste in clothes and men yes im on about the sexiest goalkeeper ever Mr Iker Casillas but one thing ive noticed she has the worst taste in shoes I swear there like an eye sore every time I see a picture of her I go directly to the shoes and there getting worse by the minute.Take a look for yourself

This pair is the winner hand’s down there just fulgy she looks like she’s about to become a cowgirl.



 Pique trying his hardest not to fall out of the dingy boat it takes skill you no again what were you thinking with them shorts. oh and if that camera man zoomed up any more we would have seen a whole lot more of pique then we imaged……



Cristiano Ronaldo Spent the day chilling out with a group of friends in the Algarve on a cruise Dont even get me started on what his wearing could he look any more metro sexual right now Like What is up with the little tight white tank top and tiny tiny green shorts This Man needs a stylist proto. 



While he was out enjoying himself His mother Dolores is said to be looking after his son Cristiano Jr.Ronaldo is reportedly only met his son for the first time last week after a holiday with his latest girlfriend irina in new york.The baby’s mother is said to be a waitress he met in the U.S last summer in a los Angeles retaurant.I can’t belive she actually fell for what can only be said as the world chat up line but now it’s a famous one now he said to the women Me You F**K F**K  How classy When she failed to understand what he said He drew a heart on a misted-up glass and said Me you Kiss,God only knows how she fell for that does she not know the man is like a walking s.t.d. 


Aw Could he look anymore hot right now

The Real Madrid Man Was on The beach in Cadiz town of Zahara de los atunes with family and friends. He looked like he was concentrating very hard showing he’s niece  how to pull of making a sandcastle(He can teach me any day).I just couldn’t cope if I saw this man on a beach I would probably end up have to sit in the sea all day just too cool down.

P.S Im still waiting to see this world cup Tattoo he promised to get I wonder will he get it Thank god them cornrows are gone and he has he beautiful hair back.Every time I see a photo with him without no shirt on my eyes go to that tattoo right under his belly button I just cant help myself god I think I need help He so knew what he was doing getting that there……….


Just when you thought it was save to turn back on your television look who’s back

Yes its Frank Lampard GF Christine Bleakly The very annoying one as I call her has gone and got her self a job on the x-factor she will become its host after signing a 4 million pound deal. she is taking over for the gorges Dermot o Leary Next Year God now I will have to put up with her on one of my favorite shows she seems to be every where I look ever since she’s started to date lamps her career seems to have taking off bit dont ye think.I wonder is she using him for her own personal gain or does she really love him?Only Time Can Tell……………