I’m about to burst into tears someone get me a box of tissues and a tub of ice cream……………

I knew it was going to happen soon but it’s still so sad. according to marca Real Madrid veterans Raul and Guti are definitely leaving the club.Real have announced that Guti will hold a press conference at 1.oo clock on sunday.Raul will also hold a press conference on Monday to announce his Departure from the Bernabeu.I’m actually thinking the state im going to be in watching them at their press conference I will be like a blubbering whale.Its going to be so weird not seeing them in a real jersey.But they can’t stay there forever this is the heart breaking bit about football i dont like.

Guti who has been with Real Madrid for his entire career,having come through the club’s youth system he made his debut for los blancos on december 1995.He was one of the best midfielder’s of his generation and of course his wicked fashion sense kept me well entertained over the years I would be dying for the new season to start so I could see what hairstyle he would have. Terrible at times but you got to love him.Im just going to have to rely on Sergio for that now.

And now for the legend himself Raul god its bad enough losing guti but he is leaving aswell.Raul who has been with Real since 1994 .Will go down as one of the all time greats in la liga he has helped Real claim Six la ligas and Three champions leagues trophies.He has played 740 games and scored an amazing 323 goals But we all know it was going to have to end sometime he spent most of last season on the bench which I was quiet pissed off about (They shouldn’t have shown such little respect towards him for without him Real wouldn’t be the club it has become)

So im going to put a few pic’s up of them over the years……….

This was Raul debut goal way back in 94.

Yes thats guti way back in the Real madrid youth ranks he still looks the same to me.

The Style was just as bad back then.

It’s Goodbye to the two legends of Madrid……………….


One response to “GOODBYE RAUL AND GUTI

  1. I no tell me about it my dad actually started to cry his die hard madrid fan i can feel myself startin to get upset lookin at the photos from when they first started. im so goin to miss guti and his funny antics ronaldo and kaka have not got a patch on king raul and guti.

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