Here’s a  link for a bit of raul saying goodbye today in madrid




I don’t think I ever cried so much in my life if you thought guti leaving was sad raul was just heartbreaking This was happened in the press conference be warned it will make you cry It doesn’t matter what team you follow this man was a legend.

Florentino Perez started the press conference of by saying.There are very few chosen to be the symbol of what madridismo is and what should be.And Raul is without a doubt one of them(Raul starts to get a bit teary)As the president reads his unbelievable list of achievements.He goes on to say It’s not goodbye It’s a see you later,Because this will always be your shirt and your crest and this stadium will always be you home.

Raul now took to the stage:This has been a very tough and difficult day for me  he said I also cried for guti me and him grew up together it has been emtional.”I’d like to thank everybody for their support throughout the years. The fans, my team-mates, coaches, presidents and the press. I want to say a special word of thanks to my family. I’d be nothing without them. I also want to wish Alfredo Di Stefano a speedy recovery.He said I feel like a footballer still and I will keep on playing,but I will always be loyal to real I have tried to give everything in my time here.He said he remembers bringing joy to his family on the day of his debut is one of his favorite moments.

He is asked the following questions by the press.

Why are you leaving?The moment has come it’s the last chance for me to try somewhere new.

A german journalist keeps asking about shackle?He repiles he doesn’t want to talk about it he wants to say his goodbye’s.

She keeps asking Will you bring your family?He answer’s wherever i go,my family will come with me.

How was Last night?”I did not want to get up this morning”My kids are very sad but they know they can see madrid wherever they go.He said he has been thinking a lot,happiness,sadness etc in the last few days ive slept very little

He has now left the press lounge and made his way to the bernabeu pitch he is now in tears as the crowd are singing his name he has just been handed his famous bullfighting cape he is blowing kisses to the fans.he signed jersey’s for the fans and before he left the pitch he said I will always be ready if Real Madrid need me. Hala Madrid!,” ended the legendary No.7 before leaving for the pitch of the Santiago Bernabeu he is still in tears you can see its been a hard day for him.

He adds he would like to thank everyone as he says goodbye.

Goodbye raul you are truly a real Madrid legend.Check out the real madrid website they have a video of him over the years very sad.

Raul with all the trophey’s his won over the years………………………..



The roma player got married to long time love Silvia Nistal in the Salamanca district the after party was held at the santiago benabeu stadium what a place to have the banquet.She looked beautiful in a long white strapless dress and if i do say he scrubs up well aswell.Also there was Barca target Cesc Fabregas (Him and Julio played together at arsenal) girlfriend Carla joined him I don’t no if I like her dress or not i cant decide i like the colour but the fit of the dress doesn’t do anything for her figure.And cescy’s head looks a little weird in the photo dont no what the camara man did to mess it up.


Ok people a lot of you have asked me if  jesus navas is single aka (the one with the most sexiest eyes ever)I really can’t stop staring into his eyes …….. Ok back to the point Sorry girls he is taken his girlfriend’s name is alejandra they have been together for a long time that’s all i know for now.I put up some pic’s of her she doesn’t look that happy about having her photo taken maybe she’s not a morning person.If I woke up with this man every morning i would have a permanent smile on my face God those EYES…………………





So everything is not  plain sailing for frank lampard…

His Ex girlfriend and baby momma Elen Rives and his new GF Christine Bleakley.According to the mirror  Elen will not allow Christine to see her and frank’s two daughter’s Luna(4) and Isla(3).

Elen has said she is not happy about Christine having a role in her girls live’s.elen is said to be hurt over frank and his very public relationship with his new gf.The 34 year old said she has found it hard to except the speed of which frank has moved on she found it especially hard seeing picture’s of them on holiday in sardina.So much she switches the T.V off when Christine come’s on(I Thought that’s what everyone does anyway)Elen and her friends have given her the nickname Christine “”HORSEFACE”” (How mean but she does have a very weird shaped head though).

A Source close to Christine is said to be really upset they say Christine want’s to be with frank all the time.but her involvement is limited as elen has made it clear she is not to meet her kids.She is also well aware elen is a fiery person and she doesn’t want to end up on her bad side.

Something tells me this little war wont be over any time soon I wonder what will happen if he marries Christine there is bound to be murder

So Frank Get in there and sort it out……………………