Ok people a lot of you have asked me if  jesus navas is single aka (the one with the most sexiest eyes ever)I really can’t stop staring into his eyes …….. Ok back to the point Sorry girls he is taken his girlfriend’s name is alejandra they have been together for a long time that’s all i know for now.I put up some pic’s of her she doesn’t look that happy about having her photo taken maybe she’s not a morning person.If I woke up with this man every morning i would have a permanent smile on my face God those EYES…………………


3 responses to “JESUS NAVAS

  1. i love him and his take to bed eyes haha i dont like her much though she looks mean………………………..

  2. hola jesus te vi por primera vez en los partidos del mundial
    y me pareciste muy guapo; despues de unos dias me acorde de ti y busque fotos tuyas y me pareciste aun mas guapo
    me encantaria que me respondieras y poder seguir hablando contigo
    un abrazo

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