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Match this saturday Barcelona Fc Vs Sporting de Gijon at Camp Nou 20.00.

The players are back for there first training session since they all have been away on International duty. In total 14 first team regulars trained including, Valdes,Pinto,Xavi,Iniesta,Cesc,Pique,Puyol,Mascherano,Cuenca,Pedro,Keita,Alves,Busquets and Adriano also were two Barca B players Tello and Muniesa joined the first team for training at the Ciutat Esportiva.

 The four Players that are missing are Messi, Thiago, Alexis and Abidal. Messi has picked up a suspension for getting 5 yellow cards. (That is the last thing we need right now we need to keep the pressure on Madrid and we need are star man) Thiago and Abidal have been added to the very long list of injured Barca players they got injured on International duty (I think that International Friendly’s should not be played when there is very important leagues to be won am I the only one who thinks this )

Abidal will be out for 10 days while Thiago has strained his right Tibia in Training for Spain doctors are hopeful he will be available for upcoming matches. And thank be to God Alexis will be back tomorrow for the training session as Chile did not play there match until this morning.

Fridays training session will start at 18.00 at the ciutat esportiva training ground. Pep will also hold a post training session press conference. Pep looks like he is in need of holiday proto poor man has been under some serious stress being hounded by the Spanish press and that bloody ever-growing injury list which has happened all year, Like I have never seen anything like it one player after the next.

 I hope to God everything will go Barcelona’s way this weekend because never mind it giving Pep a headache they have been giving me a nervous breakdown lately and Sporting are not going to make it easy for them.

 I never spotted how small mascherano……..



I am so happy it’s nearly la liga time again I get to watch my very brilliant boys again hopefully winning silverware along the way.i have really missed senor pep actually can’t wait for those sideline mood swings again so heres some info

Barcelona have signed Sevilla player Adriano for a cool 9.5 million I am happy that he is joining the catalan giants but the downside is that its looks like cesc fabregas wont be returning to his boyhood club anytime soon which makes me sad i am just a bit worried about reception my poor cescy is going to get when he returns to arsenal because some arsenal fans have got there knickers in a twist over this little photo below it was only a joke people

Thierry henry has left Barca to join the new york red bull there seems to be a thread going on here first it was golden balls of to la galaxy how tipo has jumped on the bandwagon for footballers over 30 that are of to america i wish him all the best neverless.yaya toure has also left the club and went of and joined oil city who seem to want to buy every player going.

Barca will start their pre season training on July the 19th for most players that weren’t involved in the world cup who will not return till the end of the month.the team will train together for 10 days before flying out to Norway to play a friendly against valerenga in olso on July 29th so if your of on your hoils to olso you might get the chance to stalk uh sorry i mean watch the boys play football.