Cesc Fabregas Interview

Cesc talks to Guillem Balague a very good football pundit that does be on sky sports that seems to know everything that is going on in La Liga.

I did also just post this for his accent hehe.




Poor cescy with all the transfer rumors going on he deserves a nice break and his looking hot while doing so in ibiza.I So booked the wrong place to go on Holiday this year those little islands seem to be a magnet for the finest footballers. Though I wonder were Pique is He’s probably off somewhere with his hangover cause we all  pique The king of the party has been living it up in pacha all week………


Barca captain carles ‘curly’puyol is not happy about the way arsenal are treating his little buddy cesc.(god is this saga ever going to end) anyway curly has said that arsenal need to respect cescy and let him move back to Barca because that what he wants.puyol went on to say that cesc is the future of Barcelona and there was nothing they(arsenal) could do to stop that . we all know Wenger going to have something to say about that one.wenger in a press conference said that he is getting very annoyed about the constant speculation about his star man he said cesc has five more years left on his contract and he is not going anywhere. we all no this is not the end of this argument im sure there is much more two come.



Heres a list of players i think are the hottest under 25 leave a comment and let me no what you think.

5-Sergio canalas age 19)I have only started to take notice of the newest real Madrid player in the last couple of months He is a very good looking piece of eye candy.The only thing is i would cut that bowl haircut of his im sure sergi ramos and ronaldo the resident stylist of the Madrid team if you didnt no that already will show him a few tricks when he arrives.

4-Jesus navas age 24)The sevilla player has the most sexiest eyes i have ever seen they do it for me i could look at them all day.

3-This was too hard for me to choose so i had to pick both of them anyway there always seem to be together at barca so they might aswell be the same here its Bojan 19)and his partner in crime pique 23)all they do is joke in traning im surprised any work gets done.

2-Juan mata 22)the hottest member of the valencia team(in my view)

1-Cesc fabregas 23)He has that sexy smouldering look goin on in this photo.This man just makes the word sex appeal work.he must be the only man that can make a beard look that sexy.


The la masia(the heart of barca youth system) has become world renowed for producing world class players like hot cakes i bet every football club would love to have a place like this im sure everyone would like to send their kids here to la masia its makes me love barca even more because they have homegrown players that have worked hard since they were kids have come up threw the ranks to go on to become superstars like the barcelona first team i love watching them there not like other big teams full of egos they seem play because they want to win for one another and not just them selfs which makes it all the better:just to name a few that have came threw the ranks:barca coach pep guardiola,carles puyol,xavi hernandez,lionel messi,cesc fabregas,pepe reina,victor valdes,sergio busquets,bojan,pedro,andres iniesta,pique there so many more

the masia)))

From small to tall we have bojan aka bobo,iniesta,carles curly puyol,sergi b,and pique who looks a bit cold in this photo.

can you spot the world class players??

even at a young age xavi was already a barca captian


I am so happy it’s nearly la liga time again I get to watch my very brilliant boys again hopefully winning silverware along the way.i have really missed senor pep actually can’t wait for those sideline mood swings again so heres some info

Barcelona have signed Sevilla player Adriano for a cool 9.5 million I am happy that he is joining the catalan giants but the downside is that its looks like cesc fabregas wont be returning to his boyhood club anytime soon which makes me sad i am just a bit worried about reception my poor cescy is going to get when he returns to arsenal because some arsenal fans have got there knickers in a twist over this little photo below it was only a joke people

Thierry henry has left Barca to join the new york red bull there seems to be a thread going on here first it was golden balls of to la galaxy how tipo has jumped on the bandwagon for footballers over 30 that are of to america i wish him all the best neverless.yaya toure has also left the club and went of and joined oil city who seem to want to buy every player going.

Barca will start their pre season training on July the 19th for most players that weren’t involved in the world cup who will not return till the end of the month.the team will train together for 10 days before flying out to Norway to play a friendly against valerenga in olso on July 29th so if your of on your hoils to olso you might get the chance to stalk uh sorry i mean watch the boys play football.