These pic are of cesc fabregas and his sister carlota. Before you say it yes they do look really alike i mean so much you would think she was his twin.It must be great being a sister of a famous footballer you  get to meet all his hot footballer friends she even poses with gerard pique.


There back

So geri and puyi are back in barcelona and they cant seem to keep away from the camp nou they really must miss there teamates because carles was giving hugs like there’s was no tomorrow.


Ok so it’s nearly time for football to start again so here’s a few more snaps to keep you’s happy till then enjoy.

Poor Geri is looking a little worse for ware in this photo homme needs some coffee this was taking a few days ago pique is already back in Barcelona.

Iker and Eva

Aww how cute does Fernando llorente look with Pepe daughter Grecia

You think they would be sick of one another by now….Im starting to get a little crush on pepe at the moment the man is looking rather hot don’t ye think.

Its nando and his daughter nora.God those shorts are awful nando and why have you got a dummy in your mouth.

Andres iniesta and anne not so sure about those cowboy boots though………

Oh ye everyone seems to be wondering were my cutest Barca boy xavi is gone on holiday he is in the costa Brava I have a pic but with wont upload for some reason so i will keep on trying