Ok so it’s nearly time for football to start again so here’s a few more snaps to keep you’s happy till then enjoy.

Poor Geri is looking a little worse for ware in this photo homme needs some coffee this was taking a few days ago pique is already back in Barcelona.

Iker and Eva

Aww how cute does Fernando llorente look with Pepe daughter Grecia

You think they would be sick of one another by now….Im starting to get a little crush on pepe at the moment the man is looking rather hot don’t ye think.

Its nando and his daughter nora.God those shorts are awful nando and why have you got a dummy in your mouth.

Andres iniesta and anne not so sure about those cowboy boots though………

Oh ye everyone seems to be wondering were my cutest Barca boy xavi is gone on holiday he is in the costa Brava I have a pic but with wont upload for some reason so i will keep on trying



Aw Could he look anymore hot right now

The Real Madrid Man Was on The beach in Cadiz town of Zahara de los atunes with family and friends. He looked like he was concentrating very hard showing he’s niece  how to pull of making a sandcastle(He can teach me any day).I just couldn’t cope if I saw this man on a beach I would probably end up have to sit in the sea all day just too cool down.

P.S Im still waiting to see this world cup Tattoo he promised to get I wonder will he get it Thank god them cornrows are gone and he has he beautiful hair back.Every time I see a photo with him without no shirt on my eyes go to that tattoo right under his belly button I just cant help myself god I think I need help He so knew what he was doing getting that there……….


Iker and his girlfriend Sara carbonero looking like proper tourist’s they spent the shopping around the streets of San Francisco and showing their very public love display for every one to see(Cant really blame her though if I had iker as my boyfriend I wouldn’t keep my hands of him either)So ladies if you love Iker you might want to pour yourself a glass of vodka before who look at these photo’s because im sure his breaking a few hearts today………………………

If there trying to keep it on the down-low there not doing a very good job by drawing attention to themselfs with their matching american hoodies.