ah everyone looks a little bored if i was sittin there with them i would be in heaven;)

Wonder whats so funny??

How sexy do they look……



Ok people a lot of you have asked me if  jesus navas is single aka (the one with the most sexiest eyes ever)I really can’t stop staring into his eyes …….. Ok back to the point Sorry girls he is taken his girlfriend’s name is alejandra they have been together for a long time that’s all i know for now.I put up some pic’s of her she doesn’t look that happy about having her photo taken maybe she’s not a morning person.If I woke up with this man every morning i would have a permanent smile on my face God those EYES…………………


Heres a list of players i think are the hottest under 25 leave a comment and let me no what you think.

5-Sergio canalas age 19)I have only started to take notice of the newest real Madrid player in the last couple of months He is a very good looking piece of eye candy.The only thing is i would cut that bowl haircut of his im sure sergi ramos and ronaldo the resident stylist of the Madrid team if you didnt no that already will show him a few tricks when he arrives.

4-Jesus navas age 24)The sevilla player has the most sexiest eyes i have ever seen they do it for me i could look at them all day.

3-This was too hard for me to choose so i had to pick both of them anyway there always seem to be together at barca so they might aswell be the same here its Bojan 19)and his partner in crime pique 23)all they do is joke in traning im surprised any work gets done.

2-Juan mata 22)the hottest member of the valencia team(in my view)

1-Cesc fabregas 23)He has that sexy smouldering look goin on in this photo.This man just makes the word sex appeal work.he must be the only man that can make a beard look that sexy.