Barca boys

andres is like yellow card wtf im a world champion:p

I would hug ya anyday messi;)

Xavi and his sexy smile

bobo and pedro

Victor bustin out his dance moves

Messi,pique,pinto picking on mascherano i swear i would luv to be at these traning session they always look like they have so much fun

javier m and bojan looking soaked ah

sexy eyes



Ok people a lot of you have asked me if  jesus navas is single aka (the one with the most sexiest eyes ever)I really can’t stop staring into his eyes …….. Ok back to the point Sorry girls he is taken his girlfriend’s name is alejandra they have been together for a long time that’s all i know for now.I put up some pic’s of her she doesn’t look that happy about having her photo taken maybe she’s not a morning person.If I woke up with this man every morning i would have a permanent smile on my face God those EYES…………………