Barcelona vs Bayer and Messi is a Legend

My older brother brought me to Barcelona when I was 10 years old to watch my very first match at the Nou Camp and 12 years later I still can’t believe how this team gets better and better. Last nights match never made me more proud to support this team. There is no other football team in the world like them. They will go down in the History books as the greatest without a doubt. They scored 7 goals and it finished 10-2 on aggregate. It was the most goals Barcelona have ever scored against a German Team

 Pique and Sergio were so not ready for that photo to be taken. Last night was a great team performance but Lionel Messi showed why he is the best player in the world He broke football history last night scoring 5 goals in the Champions league not one player has done this in the history of football and Messi deserves to be the player with this honour and I don’t think anyone can argue with that. The Goals just kept coming one after an other. And Pep and his hands.












Xavi  was one of the First to praise Messi. He said the team are putting in a great season and after last nights game they feel strong and dominant.

Xavi speaking about Messi he believes the little goal machine is the best player in the world and maybe the best of all time. He said that football is moving but he stays the same. He deserves the admiration of any sportsman. He is incomparable, a one of. There is no other player who can make such a difference, He’ll break records.


Next on the score sheet was Tello with his first champions league game.

Guess who added the next one The man that we call Messi.

Tello added the next one. He was having the best debut possible. After the match he thanked Pep for the confidence the manager has placed in him and for giving him his champions league debut.

 Then Messi did the unthinkable and scored his fifth.

Bayer managed to pull one back and scored in the 90 minute. The funny thing about this was when Karim Bellarabi hit an amazing strike to score. Guardiola Turned to the Bayer coach Robin Dutt and said what a goal and the two gave each other a warm greeting. Guardiola face is priceless.

I just think what a gentleman Pep Guardiolaus. In the world today there is a lot of cheating and diving in football and I just think it’s a great thing that Barca don’t do these things they get on with their football. They are a role model for other clubs.

In his press conference he said that Barca should feel fortunate to have a player like Messi. He believes Messi is the best bar none he said he is thankful to coach Messi and manage him.

The circumstances don’t matter he competes against himself. We only try to provide the conditions so that he can receive the ball as many times as possible where he feels comfortable on the pitch.

He added it’s not easy to score five goals . We are fortunate to have a player like him this we can only enjoy him and this team. He said just before he compared Messi to other greats such as Cruyff, Di Stefano, Maradona,Pele but the throne is his only he will decide when to leave it. In the press conference he was talking with so much happiness and pride. These players have done it again they have given us a prize they’ve taken us to the quarter finals.

Also there was David Villa, Carles Puyol and ibrahim afellay.


Training and Round up News

Barca will play Bayer in the Champions league second round tonight. We already have the Quarter finals in reach we just have to finish the job off it stands at 3-1 at the moment so hopefully we can add more too that. The players were looking very happy in traning  yesterday and today I love to see a smile on their faces.

 I didn’t realise tying Messi and Xavi to the goal post apart off training but I think its to do with weights. I’m sure Bayer wouldn’t mind tying these two to the post tonight.

 Speaking of Xavi, In tonight’s game just before kick-off UEFA will give a cheque to Xavi for 100,000 euro for being voted by internet users as captain of the team of the year 2011. Xavi has said he donating the money to the red cross, A project for the rehabilitation of victims of landmines in Afghanistan. He said he was proud to be able to help people who need it.

The FC Barcelona midfielder was voted for by over 100,000 users of the UEFA website as captain of the Team of the Year for 2011. In addition to these hundred thousand votes, the Barça player received 262,027, which allowed him to form part of the midfield of this ideal team. Xavi was not the only Barça player in the starting eleven, because also in the team were Alves, Piqué, Iniesta, and Messi, plus the manager, Pep Guardiola.

Xavi recognized that it is “an honor to be part of the team and also be the captain. I am very pleased to represent European and World football, and this time we are helping people who need it most, and it makes me very proud”. The Barça player, very conscious of the need to help people most in need, added: “It is really important to help. We are very privileged people doing what we do, which is also our passion. Being a footballer is my job, but it’s also my ‘hobby’ and my passion.

 Pep had to change around his team because Puyol and Alexis will not be able to play tonight. So he has called up Tello, Muniesa, Barta, Sergi Roberto, Dos Santos and Montoya. Also Bayer are without key players Corluka,Ballack, Sam and Alder. Bayer have nothing to lose so I’m sure tonight they will give it there all.

Speaking of  Pep there has been lots of rumors going around that he is in the sight of roman abramovich for the Chelsea job but last night on revista de la liga where the two journalists who have great connections to nearly every club in spain. Have said that pep has met up in the house of president sandro rosell to discuss his future and the board of directors have said that the outcome is very good.. Pep wants more backing for Rosell on the issue with referees and other things It is ha been said it wasn’t a question of money it’s about his personal life and the toll it has taken on his body.

In my opinion I don’t think he will go and either will Jose Mourinho. Chelsea is the worst job to have ,the coach has no say. Roman should just become coach and manage the team the way he likes. If either were to leave for England it would be a step down the English league is no way as good as the Spanish league. It’s getting annoying now with the English press saying that they are going to Chelsea.

 Training from today I wonder what was so funny.


Barca boys

andres is like yellow card wtf im a world champion:p

I would hug ya anyday messi;)

Xavi and his sexy smile

bobo and pedro

Victor bustin out his dance moves

Messi,pique,pinto picking on mascherano i swear i would luv to be at these traning session they always look like they have so much fun

javier m and bojan looking soaked ah

sexy eyes


So the gang were living it up with superstar dj David gutta Fernando llorente looks he had too much sangeria I wonder what has Xavi and David villa so distracted while the party kings Pepe and Sergio were wearing the ”f##k me im famous foam fingers” were raving it with David g.Oh and Sergio I still love ya even if you’re wearing red trousers there a step up from them green one’s remember them.