How that guti is now a besiktas player and Raul has joined schalke 04 so weird saying that here’s what their real Madrid team-mates said about them.I till haven’t got used to seeing them in different jersey’s.

First here’s what they had to say about guti::

Iker Casillas–He is a great player a great person and a great captian,Guti may leave us but will always be a part of the shield of Real Madrid.As a player he has been one of the most talented player’s.I’ve ever seen in my life and personally I’ve known him for 10 years and he has a huge heart.I consider him a good friend.I am not going to ever forget the big playes he has done his passes and great games.He’ll be part of the history of Real Madrid and l’ll forever miss him.

Xabi Alonso–He’s a different player I’ve ever played with He’s the most impressive player I’ve seen,and has a lot of technical quality.In the last 10 years he has been the best and i have seen this playing alongside him.As a person he is generous,different,special.

Marcelo–His a big as a player and person can get,amazing and different. a player admired by all.I can not forget a lot of passes and plays he has done.He is a great and a friend.

Sergio Ramos–He is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the history of Real Madrid.I’m going to miss you{guti}very much because besides being a partner he’s been a great friend to me.He is very big inside with a heart that many are unaware of.I’ve always felt close always felt close to him since i arrived at Real Madrid,as a good partner and in the field there’s plenty to talk about the quality he has,He will be greatly missed.{aww}

Raul Albiol-He’s a phenomenon as a player and person a footballer with great qualites and as a partner he’s always attentive to detail,very close and loving,He is a guy so big that i would make a statue from him at the bernabeu.{I will hold u to that albiol}

How here’s what they said about Raul::

Iker Casillas–He’s a symbol of real madrid.A good captain is defined in the both good and bad moments and knows how to lead in all moments.He has helped me to grow as a person and as a player.The grand history of clubs are written with great players and raul is one of them.

Cristiano–From the time i was a kid,i dreamed of playing with rau.It has been a honer to share the dressing room with him.I wish him all the best in the new stage of his life.

Drenthe–Raul is a great gentleman of football and a magnificent captian.He was always kind to me and took care of me.

Kaka–Raul is an impressive player,very important for this club.He’ll always be part of madridismo and his exit leaves both players and this team nostalgic.

Marcelo–Raul is an reference for all that real madrid signifes.Raul will never forget us and we will never forget him.

By the way King Juan Carlos meet Raul a few days ago to congratulate him on his career with madrid and wish him the best in his future.

guti god there was probaly no such thing as a hair starighter back then……and raul still looks the same.



I don’t think I ever cried so much in my life if you thought guti leaving was sad raul was just heartbreaking This was happened in the press conference be warned it will make you cry It doesn’t matter what team you follow this man was a legend.

Florentino Perez started the press conference of by saying.There are very few chosen to be the symbol of what madridismo is and what should be.And Raul is without a doubt one of them(Raul starts to get a bit teary)As the president reads his unbelievable list of achievements.He goes on to say It’s not goodbye It’s a see you later,Because this will always be your shirt and your crest and this stadium will always be you home.

Raul now took to the stage:This has been a very tough and difficult day for me  he said I also cried for guti me and him grew up together it has been emtional.”I’d like to thank everybody for their support throughout the years. The fans, my team-mates, coaches, presidents and the press. I want to say a special word of thanks to my family. I’d be nothing without them. I also want to wish Alfredo Di Stefano a speedy recovery.He said I feel like a footballer still and I will keep on playing,but I will always be loyal to real I have tried to give everything in my time here.He said he remembers bringing joy to his family on the day of his debut is one of his favorite moments.

He is asked the following questions by the press.

Why are you leaving?The moment has come it’s the last chance for me to try somewhere new.

A german journalist keeps asking about shackle?He repiles he doesn’t want to talk about it he wants to say his goodbye’s.

She keeps asking Will you bring your family?He answer’s wherever i go,my family will come with me.

How was Last night?”I did not want to get up this morning”My kids are very sad but they know they can see madrid wherever they go.He said he has been thinking a lot,happiness,sadness etc in the last few days ive slept very little

He has now left the press lounge and made his way to the bernabeu pitch he is now in tears as the crowd are singing his name he has just been handed his famous bullfighting cape he is blowing kisses to the fans.he signed jersey’s for the fans and before he left the pitch he said I will always be ready if Real Madrid need me. Hala Madrid!,” ended the legendary No.7 before leaving for the pitch of the Santiago Bernabeu he is still in tears you can see its been a hard day for him.

He adds he would like to thank everyone as he says goodbye.

Goodbye raul you are truly a real Madrid legend.Check out the real madrid website they have a video of him over the years very sad.

Raul with all the trophey’s his won over the years………………………..


Guti is now offically no longer a real madrid man in a press conference today at the bernabeu he said the following:

Thank you to all I leave knowing Real Madrid will always be my home part of my heart stays here today.I Would like to return after retiring as a player.

I would like to thank madrid for being so good to me.I’ve been at the club for 24 years.I owe half of my life to the club because it’s been like a family to me.I’ve had good and bad moments here,but the fans have always been here for me and i am very grateful.

I’d like people to remember me for my passes and having been a madridista that gave his all to the team.I always wished to play for real madrid and i did my best to stay,refusing very tempting offers to play anywhere else.

I would’nt have been able to achieve all this without my team-mates.My best relationships in the squad were with Raul and Alvaro Benito who were also in the academy.Real Madrid have to promote players from the youth system.I know the club is working hard on that I’m sure new guti’s will come out of the academy soon.

(I hope so too every team needs a guti.)

P.S Real Madrid have officially confirmed that Raul will defintley leave the club and his fare well press conference is on monday i will post what he says later today.Or if you can watch it live on Real madrid T.V live it will start at 13.00.God I have to prepare myself for more crying .


I’m about to burst into tears someone get me a box of tissues and a tub of ice cream……………

I knew it was going to happen soon but it’s still so sad. according to marca Real Madrid veterans Raul and Guti are definitely leaving the club.Real have announced that Guti will hold a press conference at 1.oo clock on sunday.Raul will also hold a press conference on Monday to announce his Departure from the Bernabeu.I’m actually thinking the state im going to be in watching them at their press conference I will be like a blubbering whale.Its going to be so weird not seeing them in a real jersey.But they can’t stay there forever this is the heart breaking bit about football i dont like.

Guti who has been with Real Madrid for his entire career,having come through the club’s youth system he made his debut for los blancos on december 1995.He was one of the best midfielder’s of his generation and of course his wicked fashion sense kept me well entertained over the years I would be dying for the new season to start so I could see what hairstyle he would have. Terrible at times but you got to love him.Im just going to have to rely on Sergio for that now.

And now for the legend himself Raul god its bad enough losing guti but he is leaving aswell.Raul who has been with Real since 1994 .Will go down as one of the all time greats in la liga he has helped Real claim Six la ligas and Three champions leagues trophies.He has played 740 games and scored an amazing 323 goals But we all know it was going to have to end sometime he spent most of last season on the bench which I was quiet pissed off about (They shouldn’t have shown such little respect towards him for without him Real wouldn’t be the club it has become)

So im going to put a few pic’s up of them over the years……….

This was Raul debut goal way back in 94.

Yes thats guti way back in the Real madrid youth ranks he still looks the same to me.

The Style was just as bad back then.

It’s Goodbye to the two legends of Madrid……………….