Ok so it’s nearly time for football to start again so here’s a few more snaps to keep you’s happy till then enjoy.

Poor Geri is looking a little worse for ware in this photo homme needs some coffee this was taking a few days ago pique is already back in Barcelona.

Iker and Eva

Aww how cute does Fernando llorente look with Pepe daughter Grecia

You think they would be sick of one another by now….Im starting to get a little crush on pepe at the moment the man is looking rather hot don’t ye think.

Its nando and his daughter nora.God those shorts are awful nando and why have you got a dummy in your mouth.

Andres iniesta and anne not so sure about those cowboy boots though………

Oh ye everyone seems to be wondering were my cutest Barca boy xavi is gone on holiday he is in the costa Brava I have a pic but with wont upload for some reason so i will keep on trying



Ok people a lot of you have asked me if  jesus navas is single aka (the one with the most sexiest eyes ever)I really can’t stop staring into his eyes …….. Ok back to the point Sorry girls he is taken his girlfriend’s name is alejandra they have been together for a long time that’s all i know for now.I put up some pic’s of her she doesn’t look that happy about having her photo taken maybe she’s not a morning person.If I woke up with this man every morning i would have a permanent smile on my face God those EYES…………………





So everything is not  plain sailing for frank lampard…

His Ex girlfriend and baby momma Elen Rives and his new GF Christine Bleakley.According to the mirror  Elen will not allow Christine to see her and frank’s two daughter’s Luna(4) and Isla(3).

Elen has said she is not happy about Christine having a role in her girls live’s.elen is said to be hurt over frank and his very public relationship with his new gf.The 34 year old said she has found it hard to except the speed of which frank has moved on she found it especially hard seeing picture’s of them on holiday in sardina.So much she switches the T.V off when Christine come’s on(I Thought that’s what everyone does anyway)Elen and her friends have given her the nickname Christine “”HORSEFACE”” (How mean but she does have a very weird shaped head though).

A Source close to Christine is said to be really upset they say Christine want’s to be with frank all the time.but her involvement is limited as elen has made it clear she is not to meet her kids.She is also well aware elen is a fiery person and she doesn’t want to end up on her bad side.

Something tells me this little war wont be over any time soon I wonder what will happen if he marries Christine there is bound to be murder

So Frank Get in there and sort it out……………………


As we all know Sara Carbonero is a very beautiful girl and she seems to have good taste in clothes and men yes im on about the sexiest goalkeeper ever Mr Iker Casillas but one thing ive noticed she has the worst taste in shoes I swear there like an eye sore every time I see a picture of her I go directly to the shoes and there getting worse by the minute.Take a look for yourself

This pair is the winner hand’s down there just fulgy she looks like she’s about to become a cowgirl.


Just when you thought it was save to turn back on your television look who’s back

Yes its Frank Lampard GF Christine Bleakly The very annoying one as I call her has gone and got her self a job on the x-factor she will become its host after signing a 4 million pound deal. she is taking over for the gorges Dermot o Leary Next Year God now I will have to put up with her on one of my favorite shows she seems to be every where I look ever since she’s started to date lamps her career seems to have taking off bit dont ye think.I wonder is she using him for her own personal gain or does she really love him?Only Time Can Tell……………


Iker and his girlfriend Sara carbonero looking like proper tourist’s they spent the shopping around the streets of San Francisco and showing their very public love display for every one to see(Cant really blame her though if I had iker as my boyfriend I wouldn’t keep my hands of him either)So ladies if you love Iker you might want to pour yourself a glass of vodka before who look at these photo’s because im sure his breaking a few hearts today………………………

If there trying to keep it on the down-low there not doing a very good job by drawing attention to themselfs with their matching american hoodies.