Alex Curran(Steven Gerrard wife)

Its shows no matter how much money you have even wags have fashion disasters like alex in the photo above who almost never get’s it wrong but this time she really did.sumone must have forgotten to tell alex there was no ski resorts in liverpool bless.

Elen rives(ex fiance of frank lampard)

God where do I start with this women she has really bad fashion sense I don’t no if she owns a mirror or not but that’s no excuse for very bad fashion mistakes that she makes all the time it hurts my eyes to look at what she wears sometimes for example this

Olalla Torres(Fernando Torres wife)

words fail me about this outfit god just look at those shoes.but its not the worst more to come keep on reading

Colleen Rooney(wayne Rooney’s wife)Coleen colleen you look like a lobster in this photo lay of the sunbeds.

And i will leave the best till last prepare yourselfs people

Yulia voronin(Andriy voronin wife)God this photo gave me a headache what was she thinking but the same goes for him he looks just as bad I can say i never see a leopard trackie like this before where did she get it from the 80’s.



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